Ence supported the celebration of thirty social, sports and cultural activities in Navia in 2019

Throughout the year 2019, Ence – Energy and Cellulose has supported about thirty activities and events of a cultural and sports nature within the framework of the Collaboration Agreement signed between the company and the Navia City Council. Through a line of sponsorship and patronage, Ence has been present in most of the events included in the municipality’s calendar, while completing investments in the field of sports equipment, and has maintained support for social entities, cultural and sports activities in the environment of their biofactory.

In 2019 the company has participated in the completion and implementation of the sports courts located in the area of ​​El Pardo, in Navia. These facilities have been substantially improved thanks, in large part, to Ence’s contribution.

Similarly, in sports, the company has worked closely with 18 events or sporting events, of an international, national and regional nature, which have added more than 5,000 participants, in different disciplines: rowing, swimming, basketball, fencing, cycling, football and athletics, among others.

In the cultural field, Ence has supported a dozen initiatives developed in the shipping municipality, such as concerts, theatrical cycles, exhibitions, festivals, student events and management parties. The company, within the framework of the aforementioned Convention, and has also collaborated in the publication of publications related to the shipping council, and in the preparation of audiovisual material for the dissemination of the activity of local folklore groups.

Ence’s commitment to the environment in which its bio-factories are based, also includes support for other outstanding initiatives in the area. Thus, the company has lent its collaboration to hospitality, commerce and tourism associations of the region, as well as to entities in other municipalities, such as Coaña, where the repair of spaces has been co-financed by the City Council Children in El Espín. In this municipality, we have worked in the same way with various social and neighborhood groups in support of various activities.