Ence puts into service in Huelva its first solar photovoltaic plant for self-consumption

The Ence Huelva energy complex is once again the protagonist of the company’s strategy for diversification and sustainable growth as a producer of renewable energy, with the commissioning of its first photovoltaic solar plant, which will reduce the auxiliary consumption of the installations of Increase, thus, your energy efficiency and your environmental commitment. The new plant has the capacity to generate about 1,500 MWh / year for self-consumption.

This project has involved an investment of about 790,000 euros and is the first of a much larger global strategy, with which Ence confirms its determined commitment to growth in clean energy and sustainability, as defined in its Strategic Plan. In these plans, Huelva is expected to be followed by photovoltaic generation plants for self-consumption in its Mérida and Puertollano complexes. Within this diversification strategy, Ence is in turn developing photovoltaic projects of more than 250 MW of generation.

The Ence solar plant in Huelva is used for self-consumption, occupies about 18,000 square meters within the company’s facilities and involves the installation of almost 2,500 photovoltaic modules. Its commissioning places the Huelva complex as a benchmark for energy efficiency and, therefore, the commitment to the environment in the sustainable production of a fundamental resource for society such as electricity.

Ence is the first company in Spain to produce renewable energy with forest and agricultural biomass and, since 2018, as part of its diversification strategy, it also generates solar thermal energy at the Puertollano plant. Its electricity production rose to 1,815 GWh in 2018.