The Navia (Asturias) biofactory is Ence’s highest production capacity plant. The factory’s current production capacity of high-quality eucalyptus ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free-) pulp is 685,000 tons/year. Such capacity was increased with the execution of the “Navia 80” Project in 2019, which has entail a capacity expansion in the factory of 80,000 tons.

With the expansion and improvement of our facilities, Ence Navia has become the largest European and most efficient pulp factory in the eucalyptus market.

Navia pulp is especially valued by the market of paper specialties, thanks to the quality of the wood used and a process focused on obtaining the quality parameters required in decorative, multilayer, filters and other special papers, while maintaining the parameters required by printing and writing papers and tissue. Navia’s production is mainly destined to the European Union.

The production plant is located on the right bank of the Navia River, occupying a total area of ​​505,130 square meters.

Excellence in sustainability

Ence Navia has the ISO 9001 Quality and the ISO 14001 Environment certifications. It is present in the EMAS Register and, like all Ence’s production centres, it has a Management System for the Prevention of Occupational Risks, certified according to OHSAS 18001.

As in our factory in Pontevedra, Ence puts at the disposal of all stakeholders, all the information related to the environmental performance of our biofactory in our Environmental Statement

Backbone effect and contribution to employment

The biofactory of Ence en Navia is an industrial reference of the first order in the western region of Asturias. The activity of Ence in Asturias generates approximately 3,000 direct stable jobs, of which 400 are workers in the same Navia biofactory. Of them, more than 70 percent come from Navia and neighboring municipalities. The incidence is very relevant, equally, in forestry, where 1,500 jobs are reached, and in industries related to the activity of Ence, such as the use, transport and transformation of wood. Similarly, Ence is configured in Asturias as an economic engine that generates wealth, indirectly, in other sectors, such as hotels, food and small and medium-sized businesses.

Environmental commitment

Ence has focused its efforts on improving the environmental aspects of the Navia biofactory through significant investments, manifesting in this way a clear commitment to the continuous improvement of the process and environmental behavior on all the environmental aspects of its activity and that allow the compliance with the stringent European environmental standards, being a reference is aspects as important as effluent quality.

Ence, Energía y Celulosa’s commitment to the environment is to anticipate legislative requirements. The commitment to continuous improvement assumed by Ence en Navia, and endorsed by the maintenance since 1999 of its environmental certification and the entry, in 2002, into the select European register of companies voluntarily adhered to the Eco-Audit and Eco-audit System (EMAS), It is one of the main signs of the company’s concern to reconcile its activity with the environment.

The company has made significant efforts to reduce to the minimum expression the impacts on the environment in air quality.

The reduction of odors is another key in which Ence bases its commitment to the environment and the environment of its biofactories. In this regard, Navia has invested close to 20 million euros in the last decade to completely reduce the impact of the biofactory. The data indicate that it has been reduced by 99 percent in the last ten years.

With regard to noise, in recent years numerous projects have been executed to reduce the acoustic impact on the perimeter of the Navia plant, focused on eliminating specific nuisances and the soundproofing of all those facilities with the highest sound emission.

Ence en Navia’s efforts are also aimed at reducing waste generation, with the implementation of the basic principles of the circular economy in all its products, internal by-products and waste, through internal use projects and promoting reuse and recycling. valorisation of residual materials.

Commitment to the environment and the community

Ence also maintains a commitment to its closest environment, and to the community in which it is located, the council of Navia and neighboring municipalities. The company, within that commitment, sealed in July 2007 a collaboration agreement with the City of Navia, to promote social, sports and cultural initiatives and activities, promote training and local employment, and encourage the hiring of services in the zone. This agreement is endowed with an amount of 100,000 euros per year, and is complemented by a series of collaborations with other agents of the environment.